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Zachary Community Schools Rollins Place Elementary

The Zachary First and Second Grade Academy (Rollins Place) is a $16 million new school built for Zachary Community Schools. The new school is 110,000 SF, and built to accommodate 1,000 first and second grade students. The colorful hallways assist the children in navigating through the school along with each room being “color coded”. Daylight fills the media center and classrooms for a better learning environment. The school features a 1,200 square foot kitchen with two service lines. Zachary First and Second Grade Academy also features a separate bus loading area and carpool loading area, thus helping improve traffic flow as parents and visitors are entering and leaving the site.

  • | Completion date: January 2013
  • | Owner: Zachary Community School District
  • | Cost: $15.2 Million
  • | Location: Zachary, LA